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Code Enforcement Officer

The Waddington Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for enforcing the International Building and Fire Protection Code, the New York State Uniform Building and Fire Protection Code, and local municipal building codes, as well as the provisions of other local laws pertaining to quality-of-life issues.


  • Reviews, checks, and passes on plans and specifications submitted with building permit applications for compliance with building and fire protection codes, zoning ordinances, and applicable laws before issuing permits.

  • Inspects buildings and structures in construction or repair for compliance with approved plans and specifications and all requirements of applicable ordinances or laws.

  • Issues building permits and furnishes the prescribed certificates of occupancy and compliance.

  • Explains the requirements of the local building codes, the local zoning ordinance, the International Building and Fire Code and other applicable laws to building contractors and the general public.

  • Provides for the removal of illegal or unsafe conditions and secures the necessary safeguards during construction.

  • Order unsafe conditions in existing structures removed and arrange for condemnation notices to owners and builders of improper or hazardous structures.

  • Inspects existing buildings and structures to ensure their conformity with safety standards.

  • Investigates complaints and assist in prosecuting violations of the building code and zoning ordinance.

  • Prepares periodic reports of buildings and structures erected or altered, permits issued, fees collected, and estimated work costs covered by such permits for presentation to the Village Board of Trustees.

  • Attends basic and continuing in-service training courses

Building Permit Applications may be picked up, downloaded, and returned to the Village Clerk’s Office during regular business hours.  The Code Enforcement Officer does not keep regular office hours. 


Tony Mcmanaman

Code Enforcement Officer

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