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Zoning Board of Appeals

The Waddington Zoning Board of Appeals meets on an as needed basis.  The Zoning Board of Appeals considers and approves Area and Use Variances.  All variances begin with the submittal of a building permit application to the Code Enforcement Officer.  He determines if there is a need for a variance based on the local development code.  After determining the need for a variance the Town Clerk will set a meeting with the Zoning Board of Appeals. Zoning Board


Karen Thew, Chairman
Phone 315-388-4118
PO Box 203
Waddington NY 13694

Katelyn Agen
11689 State Highway 37
​Lisbon, NY 13658

Roger Martin
Phone 315-322-0034
428 CR 33
Madrid, NY 13660

Donald Hughes
Phone #388-4379
P O Box 157
Waddington, NY 13694

Margaret Strait
Phone # 315-388-5631
167 St Lawrence Ave
​Waddington, NY 13694


Fred Ruddy

Chuck Pierce

Gerald Jock

Bruce Kavan

William Boak

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