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Village Docks

Located along St Lawrence Avenue

Island View Docks

Village Dock Map

Slips 1-42 are seasonal rental docks. Cost is $425 per season. Season is June 1 - Sept 30. Contracts for renewal are sent before season starts. Contracts are only valid for the current season and must be renewed before May 15.

Currently the wait list 70 plus.

Island View Wait List

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Transient Dock Rentals

Dock Map

Slips 43-56, the horizontal dock, the permanent dock, and the docks at Whitaker Park are the village transient docks for daily or nightly use. 

Day use 8 AM - 9 PM No Charge 4 hours Max

Overnight use 9 PM - 8 AM Cost per night $12

Payment can be made by PayMobile or dropped off at the Village Office.

For extended stays, there is a fee per foot per night.

Transient docks can be reserved from June 1 to Sept 30.

Reservations are only accepted after April 1 of the current season. 

Payment can mailed to or dropped off at the Village Office. Please make checks out to the Village of Waddington. 

Reserve a Dock

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Mooring Space Rentals

There are 39 Mooring Spaces. They are seasonal rentals, cost $100 per season. Season is June 1 to Oct 31. 

Contracts are renewed yearly and are due May 15 for the current season. Renters are required to put their own dock in by June 1st. 

Currently wait list is 40 plus

Mooring Space Waiting List

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Please contact Deputy Clerk Amber Ormsbee for information and questions concerning the docks.

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