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Water and Sewer

Water & Sewer Billing

​First Quarter:

Service dates - April 1 to June 30

Bills sent out: Beginning of June

Bill due: June 30. 

Second Quarter:

Service dates - July 1 to September 30

Bills sent out: Beginning of September

Bill due: September 30

Third Quarter:

Service dates - October 1 to December 31

Bills sent out: Beginning of December

Bill due: December 31

Fourth Quarter:

Service dates - January 1 to March 31

Bills sent out: Beginning of March

Bill due: March 31. No payments are accepted after the Due Date. All unpaid balances will be added to Village Taxes (sent out in June)

*Please Note:

  • Option to pay in full for the billing year. The full yearly amount sent on June's Bill

  • Double-check the amount being paid. The lesser amount is due before the due date, i.e., $238.25. The larger amount includes penalties for payments after the due date. ie.$262.00

  • Please put the account number on the check

  • Mail to 46B Maple St. Waddington, NY 13694, or drop off at Village Office

  • To update information (name, mailing address, etc), please email the Deputy Clerk or call 315-388-5534

  • The village started using a new system for billing in June 2020, there will be four separate bills sent out during the year unless paid in full and nothing owing.

  • If you paid a quarter late or not at all, your next quarter bill will state the accumulated unpaid balance. 

  • At this time, the village only accepts cash payments or checks made out to the 'Village of Waddington'.

At the end of the billing year (June), any unpaid Water/sewer bills are added to your village taxes (levied), and your balance for the year will start again.


Pam Dalton

Telephone: 315-388-5534

Amber Ormsbee

Telephone: 315-388-5534

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