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NYPA Little Sucker Brook Culvert Installation

Here’s a short description of the NYPA Little Sucker Brook culvert installation with information about traffic impacts along Rte. 37 and construction impacts at Little Sucker Brook Park.

Attention motorists and users of Little Sucker Brook Park:

During the Summer and early Fall of this year, as part of an ecological project commitment, the New York Power Authority (NYPA) will be installing a large concrete culvert beneath the portion of Route 37 where the road crosses over Little Sucker Brook. In order to accomplish this important work, traffic restrictions will be in effect along Route 37 from Little Sucker Brook Park eastward and across the mouth of Little Sucker Brook.

  • During that period, Little Sucker Brook Park will be used as a construction laydown and logistics area, and will be closed to the public.

  • Throughout construction, one lane of Route 37 will be closed to motorists, while the other lane will be open to normal motor vehicle traffic, with the open single-lane traffic direction switched at intervals. The closed and open lanes will be switched midway through the project.

  • Temporary traffic lights will be placed at either end of the restricted roadway section to control traffic direction, although there will be some occasions when flaggers will be used to manage the traffic at both ends, and there will be limited periods of short duration with full traffic stoppage in both directions at the same time.

  • While concrete barriers and other temporary measures will be used to separate the restricted lane from the accessible motor vehicle lane, please remember to obey all traffic devices, flaggers, and posted speed limits to protect our workers’ safety.

NYPA recognizes the inconvenience that this work will cause, and will be grateful for your patience.

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